ISLM #8 | Dr. Mildred Myers | The Very Model of a Modern Sage


“I'm probably in better shape now than 25 years ago because I've worked at it.”
– Dr. Millie Myers

Dr. Mildred Myers is a Professor of Business Management Communication emerita at Carnegie Mellon University.  She’s a consultant on organizational communication and media relations to many C-level executive clients in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Millie is Chair of the Board of Trustees at WQED Multimedia, the nation’s first community supported TV station founded in 1954 and home to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood among other pioneering shows and programming. In addition, she is Vice Chair of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and was formerly on the Board of the world-renowned Pittsburgh Symphony where she was instrumental in marshaling the organization through a number of critical leadership transitions.

Millie and I have known each other for nearly 20 years and I consider her one of my closest friends and mentors. In fact, for as long as I can remember, we’ve met at least once a quarter at her favorite local coffee shop to shoot the bull, opine on current affairs, and occasionally propose how to solve all the world’s problems even though we often start at opposite ends of the spectrum. I’ve never left the coffee shop without being a smarter, more thoughtful and reflective person.

On the show, we talk about ageism in modern society, toughness and resilience, navigating through uncertain times, aging with grace, commitment, impact, and much, much more…

Please enjoy this oozing-with-wisdom episode of In Search of Lost Mojo with my good friend, Dr. Millie Myers!

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  • Realities and implications of ageism in society [2:41]
  • Was the response to the COVID-19 pandemic ageist? [4:02]
  • Where does Millie's toughness and resilience come from? [5:45]
  • Overcoming challenges and asking for what you want [8:24]
  • Career progression and lessons for women in the modern workplace [12:41]
  • "Doing what's right", being willing to "mix it up", and why more people don't [23:54]
  • Managing major career transitions and how to think about contributions as you get older [28:53]
  • Dealing with inevitable declines in physical capabilities [34:02]
  • What advice would you give to your 60 year-old self? [39:39]
  • What's the most interesting conversation that you've had lately? [43:32]
  • How to navigate uncertain times [49:00]
  • What are the great debates that we should be having right now? [53:19]
  • What topic would Millie pick for her "Last Lecture"? [58:02]
  • Individual initiative and responsibility vs. being a "crusader" [1:10:13]
  • The most impactful lever of positive change for today's problems [1:11:58]
  • Millie's greatest regret and the fear of becoming insignificant [1:16:15]