Finally!  A podcast show for athletes, adventurers, and achievers from 50 to 150...

Hitting the "Big 5-0" was a major turning point for me and a time of deep personal reflection.  I decided to go on a quest, a long and potentially arduous search, for the secrets to a life well lived--one of physical vitality, mental acuity, extreme generosity, and overall personal mastery--all the way to "the end".  In Search of Lost Mojo is part of my journey to answer eternal questions and hack human performance by seeking out modern day sages who possess pieces of the puzzle.

On the show, I interview world-class athletes, adrenaline-addicted adventurers, and audacious achievers from 50 to 150, as well as globally renowned experts, to unlock the secrets of high performance on demand at any age by:

  • Deconstructing their methods, processes, and routines to improve performance and sustain vitality.
  • Unearthing insights forged through the crucible of time, trials, and triumphs; tapping into true, hard-fought wisdom at the peak of the combination of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual superpowers.
  • Discovering new areas of research, technology, and other emerging enhancements in human performance.

In the process of uncovering the essence of high achievement and performance of true masters around the world, I intend to disrupt and upend the very notion of what it means to "get old” by restoring the veneration of elders worldwide, supporting their vitality and ability to thrive, and making their wisdom available to future generations.

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